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🚀 Important innovation!🌐

Microsoft $MSFT-1.3% is moving towards developing an AI-powered network card, reducing dependence on Nvidia $NVDA! 💡



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Areport published today, talks about an interesting new move from Microsoft. CEO Satya Nadella has entrusted Pradeep Sindhu, co-founder of Juniper Networks $JNPR, with the development of a networking card to boost theMaia AI server chip and potentially reduce dependence on Nvidia chips . 🤖

Inspired by Nvidia 's ConnectX-7, this innovative network card can reduce the time to train OpenAI models on Microsoft servers while reducing costs. 🔄 However, the development of the device is likely to take more than a year.

Microsoft has entered the world of server chips with the purchase of a startup Fungible from Pradeep Sindhuin what appears to be a strategic move towards self-innovation and exciting developments. 💰

With this technological revolution, he could Microsoft accelerate the development of its AI products and gain a competitive advantage in software sales. 💻🚀

I like how Microsoft is able to translate important innovations to its customers, especially with popular tools like PowerPoint for presentations, Outlook for email management, and Teams for video conferencing. The new enhancements are designed to streamline work processes and provide users with an even better and more comfortable environment when working with these applications.

In November, the company introduced Microsoft Maia chipaimed at large-scale language models and artificial intelligence computing. Investing billion dollars in OpenAI was a smart move, and shows us that the future of technology is in collaboration and exciting innovation! 👩‍💻👨‍💻

It is remarkable how the giants in the of cloud technology a AI are starting to develop their own chips that are less expensive and, more importantly, made for their own needs. How do you see future developments in Nvidia and chips for AI? Won't these giants replace their chips with their own ?

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