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A penny stock with growth potential

-Precision Cancer Treatment:Accuray $ARAY+0.9% specializes in the development of medical devices such as CyberKnife and Radixact that deliver precise doses of radiation to treat cancer with the utmost precision.

-International development: with more than 1,000 system installations in 60 countries, Accuray $ARAY+0.9% has consolidated its position in the field of radio-oncology.

- Expansion into new markets: The approval of the Tomo C system in China and the planned entry of the Helix system in the Indian market show the company's growing presence in emerging markets.

- Analyst support: Analyst Jason Wittes of Roth Capital expresses support for Accuray, highlights solid progress in China and India, and expects increased investor attention.

- Strong growth potential: With a consensus rating of "Strong Buy" among analysts and an average target share price of $9.67, Accuray presents the opportunity for exceptional growth of up to 287%. 📈💼

How could Accuray's new systems impact access to treatment in developing countries and what do you think of the company as a whole?

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