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🚀 We have a lot of events on the markets this week! 📈

Here's another round-up of what I think will be interesting events for the coming week!


💻 Nvidia $NVDA GTC2024 (kind of like Apple's Keynote) - At their conference, they'll be showcasing the latest innovations, technologies and lots of exciting news. With the way Nvidia is moving the entire market I recommend watching this conference closely! 💡


🏛️ Policy Decisions The Fed a Powell's Press Conference - We'll learn the decision Fed decision and we'll also hear a speech from Chairman Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. What do you expect from this statement?

💾Earnings: Micron $MU-3.8%, let us see how the leading memory maker did!


Expect IPO of Redditwhat do you think, will this be a new opportunity for investors? 📈

Initial unemployment claims - Very interesting trends in the job market! ⚖️

📊 PMI in services/manufacturing - What will the economy do and what other interesting moves will this force the Fed to make?

Home sales - We will learn what direction the housing market is headed. 🏡

👟Earnings: NIKE $NKE+0.9% and FedEx $FDX+0.0% will report their results, I'll be very interested in those! 💰

What events are you looking forward to in the coming week and do you have any purchases planned?

Great summary thanks :)

Thanks for the info. I'll be interested in Wednesday and then the Reddit IPO and $NKE+0.9% results.

Thanks for the info and again summarizing the important stuff. We have similar tastes in what to watch. 😁 Although it's not results season, I'm really looking forward to this week.

1. the $NVDA+0.8% conference intrigues me. I'm not an outright Aussie, but I'm interested in technology in this area and here just because I'm curious if this company will go above $1k as enough analysts are predicting. Btw, I just placed a small bet on Friday with @ashraf_dd on whether it will surpass the $1k by the end of the week, 3/22/24. 😂

2. Further, the Fed statement always interests me too.

3. the Reddit IPO I'm really looking forward to because in my opinion it's going to be volatile enough and I'm curious to see what it will do to the price, to the retail because enough people I think have connected it to the story that was happening on Reddit around Gamestop.

4. And then we won't be bored on Friday either. I'm also curious about the $NKE+0.9% results. 👍

Just as you write, this week is really full of interesting events. Now even @claudemalouxe has written about it. So let's see how this week unfolds.

From a fundamental perspective, I'm a little worried about this week. Inflation has stopped falling, so I'm curious to see how the Fed will handle this on Wednesday.

What could help the markets is just the $NVDA+0.8%. So we'll see how this all plays out.

@claudemalouxe We'll see tomorrow, it's going to be very interesting, any predictions on which direction we'll go?

Hard to predict@wise_investor, but if the fed outlines a policy easing deadline, it would be quietly up.

By starting the year on an optimistic note, even the slightest change for the worse could cause a drop.