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3 infrastructure stocks that have risen more than 40% in the last year

Do Kwik
18. 3. 2024
4 min read

With the onset of the infrastructure boom in the US, there are a wide range of opportunities for investors looking for stable stocks. With impressive projects funded by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, new opportunities for growth and profit are emerging. This ambitious legislative move has brought to the forefront some companies that have the potential to capitalize on the infrastructure boom. And it is these top stocks that investors should keep a close eye on watchlistas they may offer stable returns and the potential for long-term growth.

Infrastructure projects funded by IIJA represent a tremendous opportunity for companies involved in construction, transportation, energy and other infrastructure sectors. This initiative, which aims to modernize and expand America's infrastructure, is generating a tremendous amount of investment and contracts across the country. This means that companies operating in these sectors may be in for a particularly promising time ahead. .

Caterpillar $CAT+1.6%

Caterpillar has held its position as a leading manufacturer for decades construction and mining equipment. With more than 90 years of history and operations around the world, the company has earned the trust of customers through its reliable products and innovative approach to technology. Results for 2023 point to impressive numbers. The company's sales reached 67.1 billion USD, representing 13% an increase from the previous year. This growth is due to strong demand for construction equipment from US infrastructure projects offsetting declining demand in China.

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Caterpillar is not only focused on selling its equipment, but also on long-term customer relationships and support throughout the life ofits products. The company is investing in innovation and the development of new technologies that improve efficiency and safety in operations. Given the growing infrastructureneeds in the U.S. and the potential for additional global projects, Caterpillar is becoming a key player in the construction equipment industryand a stable investment opportunity for investors.

$363.25 $5.64 +1.58%

The returns to Caterpillar shareholders may make it one of the best infrastructure stocks to buy. The company isn't afraid to reward its shareholders and returned 7.5 billion $7 million through dividends and buybacks. With a 30-year record of dividend growth and solid results, Caterpillar offers investors the opportunity to participate in a thriving infrastructure sector with high growth potential.

Quanta Services $PWR+2.6%

Quanta Services has become synonymous with innovative and reliable infrastructure solutions in the US. From modernizing electrical grids to renewable energy development, the company has become an indispensable partner for challenging infrastructure projects. With more than 20 years of experience and hundreds of of successfully completed projects, Quanta Services has become one of the key players in this field.

In its latest financial statement, the company announces record numbers that only confirm its leadership position. Revenues for 2023 reached an impressive $20.88 billion, a 22% increase over the previous year. This growth is compounded by the fact that Quanta Services closed 2023 with a backlog of$30.1 billion, indicating further potential for future growth and expansion.

$251.95 $6.39 +2.60%

With the anticipated increase in infrastructure projects funded IIJA Quanta Services could become one of the most exciting stocks of 2024. The company expects additional contracts in the second half of the year and has firmly established goals for further development of its services. With more than 46,000 IIJA-backedprojects, Quanta Services is becoming a key player in the U.S. infrastructure modernization arena.

Vulcan Materials $VMC+1.9%

Vulcan Materials is likely Underappreciated hero in the world of building materialsthat affects the daily lives of many Americans. With more than 90% market share in aggregates in the United States, the company is one of the biggest players. Looking at recent results, the company is posting impressive numbers. In 2023, Vulcan Materials' sales reached 6% increase from the previous year, confirming the company's strength and stability during a time of growth and expansion.

With its local quarries that enable efficient aggregate supply to all parts of the country, the Vulcan Materials is ideally positioned to benefit from the growing demand for construction materials. The company also invests in innovation and sustainable technologies, allowing it to be at the forefront of developments in its industry. With over 15.6 billion tonnes of probable and proven reserves of aggregates, the company is uniquely positioned to respond effectively to demand and remain competitive.

$259.26 $4.78 +1.88%

Investing in Vulcan Materials is becoming increasingly attractive, particularly in light of the expected increase in infrastructure projects in the US. The company has a solid foundation that allows it to thrive in periods of growth and stability. With the growing need for construction materials in existing and new projects Vulcan Materials can become a key player in the building materials and capital investment Opportunity with high growth potential.

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