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- Apple and Google are in talks to integrate artificial intelligence into the iPhone, suggesting a mutual effort to strengthen their positions in AI.

- The collaboration with Google may give Apple access to advanced AI technologies that could improve the iPhone's features and performance.

- At the same time, this collaboration may indicate that Apple has potential shortcomings in its own AI development and is seeking external partners to strengthen its capabilities in this area.

How do you see this move by $AAPL-0.8%?

For me a good step, both companies will get stronger :)

I agree:)

And they're gonna run away from the competition

@danieladuong I have no doubt :)

@alfredgray and apple might let it grow up again

@danieladuong I'm sure this may also be one of the factors that will eventually affect the company's future growth.

@alfredgray approval

I agree with Christopher and see it the same way. I'm not worried about either company as the debate below has developed. Apple definitely has some ace up its sleeve and in my opinion will just kind of use Google for just that information, data. After all, well in my opinion, Google's search engine is still the most used so why not combine on something. 😊

Exactly! I can only join with approval.

Probably okay for me, but it depends on how it turns out. I can't believe Apple doesn't have an ace up its sleeve. They want to make and produce everything themselves and suddenly can't handle the onslaught in the AI industry? We'll see how that plays out.

I honestly don't know how Apple has it in regards to AI, I haven't read much information on it, either way I trust them to know what they are doing.

I think they've got it right, too. It would take some introductions though :)