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📈📱 New from the world of technology!

Qualcomm $QCOM-1.7% has revealed its latest Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 mobile platform , targeting flagship Android smartphones ! 💡 This breakthrough chip offers revolutionary capabilities by integrating generative AI directly into the device and advanced photography features.

Leading manufacturers such as Realme, Honor, iQOO, Redmi a Xiaomi will incorporate the new platform into their upcoming devices, planning to bring a wide range of innovations to users. The first smartphone with this chip should be announced in March! 🗓️📲

The company's stock is up more than 2% today and more than 19% since the beginning of the year.



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The new platform offers stunning features such as hyper-realistic mobile gaming with graphics comparable to desktop computers, and crystal clear audio. 🎮🔊 Plus, the latest Snapdragon x70 5G Modem-RF brings 5G and you can expect even faster download speeds and energy efficiency. It is in 5G that$QCOM-1.7% is the market leader and one of the largest wireless chipset manufacturers in the world. Not for nothing are Snapdragon chipsets one of the most powerful and can match Apple 'sM2 chip .

Another new feature is the recognition function ISP a Snapdragon Low Light Vision essentially enhance the photographic experience. 📸✨ With the integration of generative AI, users get a premium experience that promotes creativity and productivity.

For me, a very interesting company in the chip industry!⚙️
What is your opinion of Qualcomm?

I bought the company around $100, I regret selling around $125, I just took it as speculation, profit. That's fine, but the price is different today. Well what do you expect, now maybe anything with AI or chip in the name goes that way. 😂 ...but otherwise opinion, I didn't research more now, but according to what you write, it is important for the Androuid world and it is huge. So the potential is obviously there. 😊

The potential is definitely there, but as you say, anything that makes chips and has AI in the name is flying now.

Exactly, well, that's why I'm already cautious, because it was said that in the dot.com bubble, too, everything flew around the Internet and then how many of them died out and only a few survived, which today we have in the top 7.

But then again, $QCOM-1.7% is already quite a big company, so I wouldn't worry about its demise.