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🗓️Týdenní for an overview of the most important events in the markets!

✨ There is a lot going on in the markets this week! Watch out for these key events:

🏡 We start Monday with an announcement new home sales in the US, which will give us an update on the housing market. The growth in new home sales indicates strong interest and positive momentum in the economy.

💼 On Tuesday, we will be notified of data on CB consumer confidence, higher consumer confidence usually tells us that consumers are optimistic about the future and are more likely to spend more money. We'll also hear the so-called "Durable Goods Orders", higher values usually indicate a strong interest by businesses in investing in new assets and expanding their production. This can be a positive signal for the economy and may indicate future growth.


🎙️ On Wednesday, the SpeechFOMC member Waller, who will outline possible central bank policy.

💹Earnings: Jefferies financial group $JEF-2.3%

📈 Thursday will be a very important day, as the data on GDP US Q4 GDPHere we will see how theUS economy is developing . We will also be presented the number of unemployment claimshigher numbers may indicate a deteriorating labour market and possible economic difficulties. A very important indicator will also be consumer sentimentThis indicator assesses the general mood and attitude of consumers towards the current economic situation and their future financial prospects.

🎤On Friday we will learn the level of of core inflation PCEthis important figure is very much monitored by the central bank. Followed by Fed Chairman Powell's speech , we should learn what his view of the current situation is and which direction monetary policy will take.

The sad news for many investors, however, is that most stock markets are closed on Friday due to Good Friday! At least we can breathe a sigh of relief and gather our strength for the week ahead!

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