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I recently bought shares of $COINand-6.6%today I'm already +13%on that position . The stock can already be expensive and it wasn't cheap at all for me when I bought it either. I will hold the stock now and wait to see how the price of $BTCUSD+0.8% develops.

Do you have $COIN-6.6%stock in your portfolio and-6.6%if so, do you plan to hold or sell?

$245.75 -$17.26 -6.56%
Target Price
181.73 (-26.05% Downside)

Congratulations to everyone who took profit. I still made a beginner's mistake here and let my psyche get the better of me, I made my first purchase while the price was still falling from its highs. That was somewhere around $120 approx. Then I diluted a bit around the 60$ price ...well, because I was getting annoyed with how volatile it was and as you also discuss here, you can't take BTC equal to Coinbase again, plus as it was down, these crypto exchanges had problems too and you were afraid to get like the one that shut down the owner ...so as soon as the price got back to 0, I sold. Unfortunately, well, if I'd held today, I could have counted a nice profit like you. 😁 ...but that's one story too, that doesn't always work out.

It's true, and even though it's old fashioned, you really do learn best from those mistakes. Plus, in the beginning, even if it hurts, you don't lose as much money.

Agreed and it doesn't matter at all that it's old, you have to remind yourself sometimes. 😁

@mondaydayton Exactly :D