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🛢️ Enbridge Inc: Steady growth and dividend yield

1. Fourth Quarter Results:$ENB+0.2%'s Enbridge Inc. reported fourth quarter results with a commendable 6% increase in adjusted EBITDA over last year. This result shows the stability and long-term consistency of a company that has been meeting its financial goals for 18 years.

2. Extended growth outlook: The company has extended its growth outlook through 2026, forecasting annual adjusted EBITDA earnings growth of 7% to 9%. This forecast reflects the strong results and confidence in the Company's stable future performance.

3. Strategic Acquisitions: Enbridge made significant acquisitions of three gas companies from Dominion for $14 billion. This transaction not only strengthened its market position but also opened up new investment opportunities in the gas sector.

4. Dominion's gas supply system: The joint venture on the Rio Bravo project will enable Enbridge to build a dominant gas supply system from the Permian Basin on the Gulf Coast. This key project represents an increase in revenue potential and diversification for the Company.

5. Financial stability and dividend yield: Despite a turbulent period in the energy sector, Enbridge has maintained a stable dividend yield of 7.5%, which represents an attractive option for investors seeking long-term yield. This yield is supported by a history of 29 years of continuous dividend increases, demonstrating the company's strong financial health.

With a combination of solid financial performance, strategic investments and an attractive dividend yield, Enbridge Inc. offers investors stable and balanced exposure to the energy sector.



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I liked the company a lot and would still have it in my portfolio, but it's Canadian so the dividend tax is 25% I think. That's why I sold it at a small profit and am investing in other dividend companies in the US.