S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,308.13 +0.09%
Nvidia NVDA $947.80 +2.49%
Tesla TSLA $174.95 -1.41%
Microsoft MSFT $425.34 +1.22%
Alphabet GOOG $178.46 +0.66%
Meta META $468.84 -0.65%
Amazon AMZN $183.54 -0.63%
Apple AAPL $191.04 +0.62%

It could be an interesting investment, I remember when this drink was a huge hit, trendy and everyone was buying it, there was advertising everywhere ... but I don't know, I was in my 20s, high school, college...I don't feel that way anymore, so I don't know how popular this brand is, is it still hot? 😊

It's still the same but there's more competition in the market at the time it could only have had competition from something like redbull and maybe shock or semtex but I don't think there's any competition apart from redbull. 🙂👍 I think they are still on top as far as longer time is concerned and probably will be for a long time because the marketing promotion they have is also good everywhere you look for some sporting events there are slowly... 😁

So cool if you're still seeing them in a lot of places. Just as you write, well, the competition has increased, on the other hand, again, the opportunities to do the marketing you're talking about and so to still be at the forefront. 😊

Totally agree, the competition is higher, but MNST still holds that top spot and will for a long time to come.

@billcombs the question is that if redbull also made some flavors whether similar or completely different would it be a bigger competitor or would people condemn it and get hurt. 🤔

@billcombs I hope so, I wish it if you are invested, but even so I will probably stay here and from the drinks I am happy with $KO-0.7% which I think will not lose its place 😊

Jojo is still very much in style😁

I wouldn't worry about Monster at all, for what the company offers I still find it at a good price.

Super thanks👍