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CrowdStrike: the leader in cyber threat security

-Specializing in protection: CrowdStrike $CRWD+2.7% operates in the protection of endpoint devices such as laptops, tablets and IoT devices. With the growing trend of distributed workforces, IT security is becoming increasingly important.

-The AI advantage: With expertise in AI, CrowdStrike $CRWD+2.7%'s Falcon platform has a leg up on the competition. It analyzes more than 2 trillion cyber events daily, enabling immediate responses to new threats.

- Growth and performance: The company's revenue and free cash flow grew significantly, up 36% and 39%, respectively, in the fiscal year ended Jan. 31. Revenue is expected to reach $10 billion annually.

-Market expansion: CrowdStrike $CRWD+2.7% expects tremendous growth in its addressable market to $225 billion by 2028, indicating strong potential for further expansion and success.

What are your thoughts on this cyber security company and its potential for the future?

$351.47 $9.12 +2.66%
Fair Price: $692.12
Dchmmtvf: 06.79%
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For me, a great company and I would love to include it in my portfolio, but at a lower price.

I have bought from 160 I would like more but I don't think we will see a drop. 🙂