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📊💡Himax Technologies has seen a drop in sales, but is optimistic about the future! 🚀

Himax Technologies, Inc. $HIMX is a global leader in semiconductor technology and imaging solutions. It specializes in the development and manufacture of high-performance image sensors, displays and other electronic components for a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, televisions, automotive displays and virtual reality. A recent article by was published on this company .

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The company reported first quarter results today, but there was a decrease in revenue of 15,0 % to $207.55 million, but as analysts expected, not too bad!

Although net sales were down by 8,8 %, earnings per share beat expectations by $0.07 and gross margin beat estimates at 29,3 %.

Despite the decline in sales from large and medium displays, the company expects sales growth in automotive. President and Chief Executive Officer Jordan Wu says business momentum is expected to improve steadily during the second half of the year. 🚗📈

There are big opportunities associated with the automotive sector, and Himax is poised to benefit from the growing trend of expanding in-vehicle displays. "We believe we are well positioned to benefit from this prospect and achieve sustainable growth in the coming years,"Jordan Wu said at today's conference. 🌟💼

The company also announced a positive outlook for the second quarter, with net sales expected to increase by 8-13 %. It also expects gross margin of 31,5-33,5 %.

The stock is reacting to today's results by rising by more than 8 %.

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Anyone know $HIMX? What do you think about this company? 📊

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