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3 stocks likely to see growth during the travel boom

Do Kwik
13. 5. 2024
4 min read

The peak holiday season is approaching and companies in the tourism sector are already preparing for the expected increase in demand. In this article, we take a closer look at three companies that are not only increasing customer satisfaction through strategic investments, but are also looking to achieve significant revenue growth. What are their key strategies for the coming months?

With the upcoming summer travel season and an expected increase in passenger numbers, these companies may be on the cusp of interesting investment opportunities that could yield attractive returns for us investors.

Ryanair $RYAAY-0.7%

Ryanair, the leading low-cost airline Ireland-based airline, recently announced a major expansion, with plans to add 169 new routes. The move brings the total number of routes to more than 2,600 across Europe and North Africa. With this expansion of network capacity, Ryanair is not only strengthening its position but also opening up new opportunities for travellers looking for affordable affordable flights, allowing the company to better compete in a rapidly changing airline industry.

$125.59 -$0.83 -0.66%
Fair Price: $228.61
Gljsxa: 9.48%
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In response to its expansion plans and performance, Ryanair reports strong growth and resilience despite the challenges facing the airline industry. The company said that it expects to see a passenger growth by 6% compared to last year, with total passenger numbers expected to reach approximately 10 million. This growth is underpinned by a successful marketing strategy and an expanded range of destinations, allowing Ryanair to maintain its competitive advantage in the low-cost sector.

$125.59 -$0.83 -0.66%

Ryanair is actively investing in its fleet and service improvements to maximise efficiency and customer satisfaction. Plans to purchase new, energy efficient more efficient aircraft and expand its operations into new regions such as Morocco, where the company plans to to connect 11 different destinations, signal Ryanair's ambition to become an even stronger global player.

Booking.com $BKNG-0.7%

Booking.com, the dominant player in the online travel booking service, continues its growth, recording a 9% increase in bookings in the first quarter of this year. Total bookings in the first quarter reached an impressive 297 million, a testament to the platform's strength and popularity among travellers worldwide. With 89% of revenue generated outside the US, the company is successfully capitalizing on the increase in global travel demand, supporting its strategy to expand into international markets.

$3,708.35 -$26.66 -0.71%
Fair Price: $1,854.26
Bjomgmkb: 1.09%
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In the first quarter of 2024, gross travel bookings reached $43.5 billion, which surpassed expectations analysts and reflects growing confidence in the company's potential. Adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) rose to $968 million, well above market estimates of 718.6 million $718 million. These results led to an increase in price targets stock.

$3,708.35 -$26.66 -0.71%

Given the strong position and successful first quarter, Booking.com plans further investments in technology and services to improve the user experience and expand its offerings. The company expects the number of bookings year-over-year to grow by 4-6%, while gross travel bookings are expected to grow by 3-5%, reflecting a steady growth trend and solid prospects for the coming period, especially as we approach the peak travel season.

MakeMyTrip $MMYT+2.1%

MakeMyTrip, leading India's leading online travel platform, has seen significant growth in its results for the first quarter of this year. The company reported that its gross bookings reached $2 billion, representing a year-on-year an increase of 21.7%. This success is supported by a strategic expansion of its product and service offerings, including airline tickets, hotel bookings and vacation packages, responding to growing demand from Indian consumers. The company's revenue grew to $196.7 million in the period, an increase of $196.7 million year-on-year. 37,8 %.

In order to maintain its competitive advantage and respond to the dynamic growth of the Indian market, MakeMyTrip is investing in technological innovation and improving the user experience. The recent introduction of new features and applications for mobile phones enables customers to Easier scheduling and booking of trips, contributing to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. These investments not only improve the customer experience, but also encourage greater user engagement.

$86.50 $1.77 +2.09%

Plans for further development and innovation in digital travel solutions are aimed at increasing efficiency and personalisation offerings, which should attract new customers and maintain growth momentum. With growth in the Indian travel sector expected to continue and the economic stabilisation environment following the pandemic, MakeMyTrip expects to maintain its performance trends and strengthen its position in the coming years.

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