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Sea Limited: a resilient conglomerate with a focus on Southeast Asia

-Sea Limited $SE is one of the most prominent conglomerates in Southeast Asia, operating in the gaming, e-commerce and fintech sectors. With its dominance in e-commerce and popular games such as Free Fire, it has earned its position as a market leader.

- However, the entry into the market has not only faced success. A temporary ban on Free Fire in India, difficulties expanding outside of Southeast Asia, and competition with the TikTok platform are challenges the company faces.

- However, with the return of Free Fire to India and the focus on developing Shopee's e-commerce arm in Southeast Asia, a revival is expected. Even though the stock price has fallen to 80% of its all-time high, $SE-2.6% has the potential for a financial recovery.

- The company's 2023 revenue grew 5%, but the $163 million profit represented its first annual gain. Analysts predict further improvement, with profits expected to rise 116% this year and 163% by 2025.

- The$SE-2.6%'s successes in e-commerce and fintech suggest that Sea Limited has strong fundamentals and the potential for long-term growth.

What do you investors think of this company?

$71.73 -$1.94 -2.63%
Fair Price: $40.61
Ctsowfmr: 71.26%
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Well, the company finally got into profitability last year and it's visible in the share price in a single currency, The growth since the beginning of 2024 is significant. I don't own the stock, but it looks interesting if they continue to deliver growth as projected.