📊 The investment potential of Raymond James Financial

📈S tock Performance: $RJF-1.3%stock has already posted a 13% gainthis year , suggesting a strong entry into 2024.

💼Business Model: $RJF operates a robust and diversified business model where it focuses on asset management, capital markets and brokerage services.

🔍 Consistent Growth: The asset management segment is witnessing consistent organic growth, which supports the company's "cheap valuation".

📊Analytics:$RJF-1.3% currently has a beta of 1.25, indicating a higher level of volatility compared to the market. However, lower uncertainty and higher interest rates present an opportunity for $RJF-1.3% to benefit from market conditions.

💰S tock Price: Thecurrent share price of$RJF stands at-1.3%$126.42, with a daily increase of 0.65%.

📈F urther Potential: Analyst Mark McLaughlin estimates that$RJF-1.3% stock has further upside potential, with the firm able to use the opportunities of high rates and the turnaround in the markets to its advantage.

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$117.23 -$1.58 -1.33%
Fair Price: $391.51
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