Lowe's $LOW+0.8%reported results today . The results weren't terrible, but they certainly weren't positive, as indicated by the 2% drop in the stock. I don't have their stock in my portfolio, but if I had to pick from this sector, I' d choose$HD+1.1% stock instead .

Do you have $LOW+0.8% or $HD+1.1%stock in your portfolio?

$226.86 $1.84 +0.82%
Fair Price: $857.35
Jrdicbdz: 99.56%
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The results were in the final sum OK for me. We do have a worse outlook for this year, but the stock has fallen in line with that. If the company has lower EPS and sales, it can't go to a new high. Or actually it can, but we understand each other😁

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