💵 Three reliable dividend stocks with a yield above 5%!

Here is my pick of 3 interesting dividend companies from different sectors.

These companies are known for their long history of raising dividends every year and at current prices offer yields over 5 %. Although dividend increases are not expected to be huge somehow, their stability and advantages over their competitors make them ideal for long-term investments.

1. Realty Income $O+1.0%🏢

Realty Income is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that leases commercial properties to well-known companies like Walmart, Dollar General, and Tractor Supply Company. It currently offers a dividend yield 5,7 % and pays dividends monthly. This REIT increases its dividend every quarter and recently announced its 125th increase since going public30 years ago.

$53.22 $0.53 +1.01%

2. Altria Group $MO-0.3%🚬

Despite the decline in cigarette smoking ,Altria Group, maker of theMarlboro cigarette brand , boasts58 dividend increases over the past 54 years. At current prices, the stock offers an amazing 8,4% yield. The increased enforcement of the ban on flavoured vaporizers is positive news for Altria, as the company acquired NJOY, one of the few approved e-cigarette brands, last year .



$45.75 -$0.12 -0.26%

3. Pfizer $PFE+0.0%💊

Shares of Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant, offer a dividend yield 5,6 %. The company bo asts a15-yearhistory of dividend increases. Although revenue from the Comirnatavaccine and the COVID-19-relatedPaxlovide treatment is rapidly declining, Pfizer has invested its windfall profits in new revenue streams. This includes the acquisition of Seagen and the approval of nine new drugs last year.



$27.65 -$0.01 -0.04%

These three stocks represent, for me, a great opportunity for any investor looking for stable and high passive income.

What's your take on these companies, and which companies do you have in your dividend portfolio? 🏖️

Super post👍. I have all 3 in my portfolio, but I plan to sell PFE when I see it in the green.

I have "only" the first 2. For me they are very high quality businesses. Pfizer is a little out of my league. It's a pretty volatile title and it has fallen off a lot in recent years. The reason I don't want to get into it anymore is because I have a pretty full portfolio :)

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