Qualcomm: A cheap alternative with huge potential in AI

- Recommendation from CFRA Research: Angelo Zino, vice president and principal equity analyst at CFRA Research, named Qualcomm Incorporated $QCOM+3.3% as one of the cheapest alternatives to Nvidia. He recently upgraded this stock from a "hold" rating to a "buy" rating.

- Growing market opportunities: according to Zin, this increase reflects $QCOM'+3.3% s growing overall market opportunities in artificial intelligence (AI) computing, smartphone content, and autonomous cars.

- Long-term winner in AI: "We consider it a long-term winner in AI in devices," Zino said. $QCOM+3.3% has established itself as a key player in AI through its innovative technologies and strategies.

- Improving demand in China: $QCOM is benefiting from improving demand in the Chinese market, where premium Android devices are selling well. This trend is positive for the company and brings new growth opportunities.

- New growth opportunities: the rise of Windows-based AI computers represents another significant growth opportunity for $QCOM+3.3%. This expansion into new market segments reinforces the company's long-term growth potential.

Qualcomm's technologies and strategic moves are making it a key player in AI and other advanced technologies.



$215.39 $6.87 +3.29%
Fair Price: $495.38
Cgetitld: 26.85%
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