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Hi bunch, we're all waiting to hear what Powell is going to announce and I'm wondering when to collect earnings/profits? 🤔😁💵

There's already been discussion about what's coming this week. That the market went sideways in April we know that too. That the Fed will hike 0.25 points and the ECB maybe even 0.50, we know that too. 😁 Next, most of us are waiting for Apple's results. 🍏

I am interested though, as while we are all long term investors and have x years of prospects, let's not kid ourselves that we like 💰 gains. I personally don't believe the growth that has been there since January will continue. After last week, I've got some nice gains in tech companies too.
What now? ...

And, take it all and wait for it to fall to the purchase price?

B, take about 20% and keep the lowest position I bought?

C, let it be despite the crash and just not touch it for x years?

There are other options, of course, and I look forward to those in the comments. 😃 I know this is pretty individual, but the show is just saying "when to buy" but not sell...btw at the time of writing the post we already have a "nice" decline as you would expect. Will we break support and go even lower? 🤔

I only sell those "bets" if I'm in the black on them. Otherwise, I hold my long term portfolio and will dilute on any major downturn.

As written here, if you know where you're moving the cash, realize some percentage. I did sell a little, but it wasn't a significant portion of the portfolio.