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Lately the dollar and BRICS ( Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa ) have been the talk of the town.

BRICS would like to introduce their own currency to compete with the dollar and become the most used currency in the future.

However, there are problems, such as the fact that not all countries may agree and that many countries have huge debts in dollars. So I think it will be decades before any major change comes.

On Wednesday, a 25bp interest rate hike was announced in the US, as you all know.

Further, not much is known about what will come later this year, whether rates will stay or whether interest rates will go up or down.

It depends on how inflation and the job market are doing.

Can you post how you view the situation in the US and what impact you think the new currency that is expected to become the most widely used currency could possibly have on the economy and stocks.

I'm cheering for the US to be overthrown, they've been making up too much nonsense, especially with a bunch of morons sitting at the head of the US, plus the birds are whispering the demise of the petrodollar, finally SA has opened its eyes and won't be influenced by the US, it's all coming to an end and the leading economies are changing, it's starting to get nice

I also disagree with some things, but I don't like Russia, which would probably play a big role in the BRICS. See for example the war in Ukraine where Putin has shown himself to be even more of an asshole, so I wouldn't believe it at all and would be afraid of what they would come up with. It's possible that maybe some new currency would be nice, but I don't see how it could work that way. When I think of how many things are involved, it would be terribly difficult and challenging to enforce that currency.

But these are just ideas at the moment, and it's only at the beginning, and none of us know how it's going to work.