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Is it still worth betting on the USA today? 🇺🇸

One of Warren Buffett's most famous phrases is that we shouldn't bet against the US because historically it has never paid off.

I'm beginning to feel, and a little afraid, that we won't be able to follow that advice any time soon. It is possible that I am in a bubble and am being overly pessimistic, but even that suggests many factors. The high valuation of US stocks. The constant increase in the national debt. Declining standing of the USD in the world, much lower GDP growth compared to China. The situation is uncertain, even politically.

Of course, this is also due to the fact that maintaining a leadership position is never easy - everyone wants a piece of the pie, and economically weaker countries are developing day by day.

Despite all these factors, the US remains in my eyes the best environment for investing. However, I am slowly looking more and more around for other places to invest and diversify geographically, which is often overlooked.

How do you see it?

I personally don't like some things either, like the debt. I definitely diversify my portfolio and I'm not just invested in the US, but US stocks and indices still make up the majority of my portfolio.

I'm her opponent :D

I would recommend looking at markets like the Emirates, China, India, Saudi Arabia these markets offer so many undervalued stocks key to the countries they are markets that no one knows much about here and globally they are quite under exploited markets and I love going against the tide it has always carried and carries the most

I'm bothered by the mounting national debt, and the USD's standing in the world is also declining. We'll see how it looks and what the US banks, which are still in a pretty tight situation, will do.

that's why I put my eyes on Saudi Arabia and the Emirates those companies just don't have debts countries are not in debt and moreover the economy is growing beautifully and the best is to be with things that start

There are companies other than oil companies?