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$PLTR+0.0% reported the results! Super numbers across continents.

Earnings per share 0.05 vs. expected 0.04 (+26%)

Revenue $525.186M vs expected $505.824M (+3.83%)

The US along with government contracts still make up the bulk of Palantir's revenue (60%) UK then just under 12% and the rest of the world 27%.

However, government contracts still account for 56% of earnings. This will improve over time as $PLTR+0.0% expands

Profits in the aftermarket are awesome and no wonder. The company has had a successful quarter and a promising outlook for the future.

This puts my position in the green🟢

Who's having a happy day today too 😊 ?

Really good result

The results are really nice. I'm not investing in this company yet, but I'm thinking about buying some when the stock gets lower.