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I don't see any competitive advantage with Disney that should catapult them anywhere... overall, I'm afraid these companies are still riding that "covid high" when they were doing so well...

I disagree - I see a big advantage in the aforementioned monopoly on fairy tales, where I think Disney is the #1 player. I think they will always benefit from theme parks, merch, etc.

But I understand the concern that any other company can actually do it. Covid hype still plays a part in the price too in my opinion.

It's a fact that I left out theme parks, merch, etc... it probably doesn't have such an impact on us here in the Czech Republic, I was basing it mainly on movie production (I haven't gotten over the last SW episodes until now) and Disney+... I'd be interested to know the breakdown of revenue, how much Disney gets from the offline/online world :)

I have been looking at it and the price looks very nice and I am considering buying it.

I'd wait a little longer, the price might come down.

I think now is a good time to hold for the long term - I'm almost certain that within a month we'll be back to at least the levels before today's decline.

The price is again at very attractive levels. Certainly a good level for a long term holding.

I think so too, and I've added

I looked at it too, but the price is still unacceptable to me.