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I would like to add representatives from the energy sector to the portfolio. My best bet is the often mentioned $ENPH-4.4%, which could be a great opportunity at the current price.

Management has mentioned that they are being very cautious and judicious with buybacks. The last buybacks took place in Q4 2021 at an average price of $197. Currently, the price is $159 while the company is generating more FCF. I think a buy-back could be on the table.

$123.97 -$5.69 -4.39%
Capital Structure
Market Cap
Enterpr. Val.

I know there are a few $ENPH-4.4% fans here, so feel free to post what you think. 👇

Definitely an interesting company and I would like to invest in this sector and this looks like a nice company. Well, thanks for the tip.

So today, unfortunately for you, it went up 5%, but it's definitely worth considering. 👍

So it's always like that and I'll wait and have time for some more analysis and some consideration whether to go for it or not.

In my portfolio, so far it's the only representative from the energy sector.

I was still interested in Orsted, but unfortunately it didn't reach my asking price.

So now is the opportunity to buy $ENPH-4.4%, I do not regret my purchase:)

For me a company with a future, I own it in my portfolio 😊

I personally like it, I already profited from it once about a year ago. Now I have it again, and I can't tell you the exact numbers like calculating the intrinsic value and such, because I don't do that much I admit, since it's very variable anyway depending on the number of estimates one puts into the calculation. But what I've been looking at the company, like what they do, what plans they have, everything contracted, profits etc so it has the potential to go over $200 again and I'm "betting" on that ... of course, as we know, it's not investment advice, just my view. :)

I also admit that I don't look at intrinsic value that much. There's no doubt the company has potential, let's be surprised. 😉

Yes, it is. Try one stock if you've got some spare cash and you're not sleeping on it. I believe that once people have more money again, the bag of solars will burst and they have this market well covered, especially not just in the US but in Europe and there is a lot of interest here. 😊

I've had this company on my watchlist for a while but haven't "committed" yet... however, they look like they are in decent shape and have a future :)

The company doesn't look bad at first glance. But I don't have an analysis, so I don't have an opinion here.