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These are such huge events for me that we will only be able to assess their consequences many years from now... so from my point of view they will not have any major impact on the price, which is here and now... and if they do, I wouldn't say positive for these two companies :) see. Blizzard and their HR cases with employees...

Exactly as you say, this is why I was surprised by Warren Buffett's investment. For me, definitely a great move for both Blizzard and Microsoft.

Warren is a great guy but sometimes I just don't understand him at all :-D

Great acquisition for $MSFT+0.0%, fits their business model well.

I look forward to seeing what else they come up with.

Obviously this means nothing, otherwise the stock would be selling close to the price MSFT wants to buy it back at today.

As I write, it is only an endorsement by the EU. The UK regulator has yet to comment again.

I think there is still a lawsuit pending with the US FTC.

So great, I'm glad it happened, after all it's been quite a long time coming.

It's not won yet but we're certainly getting closer and I hope we're getting closer to the end.

Great, I'm glad it turned out well. Another cool move for Microsoft to put down roots in another area.

Exactly, it's wonderful to see Microsoft getting involved in another industry with ease.

So here we have another segment in which Microsoft will gain dominance.👍

Dominance... $ATVI+0.0% isn't that dominant in the gaming market, but $MSFT+0.0% is definitely taking some of it for themselves.

I don't understand :D Does that mean that MSFT has ATVI under it already ? :)

Not yet, the acquisition has only been cleared by the EU regulator. Two weeks ago, the acquisition was rejected by the UK regulator. That's why I'm writing that $MSFT+0.0% will appeal.

Great, I wished them well. We'll see how it goes from here but so $MSFT+0.0% is a strong company and I'm a fan of $ATVI+0.0% since I used to play wowko and overall I like their games. :)

I'm rooting for them too, overall the games from $ATVI+0.0% are hilarious pieces and will definitely attract a lot of players for cloud gaming for example.

They were hilarious pieces... now, unfortunately, it's mostly patients on machines who don't want to let go...
Cloud gaming could be the future, just unfortunately still quite distant...