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Friends, yesterday we had two big 🚀moves🚀 again on popular stocks $NVDA+4.0% and $NFLX+2.7%

I'm not going to do a bigger description on them now, I think we all know and follow them regularly. Rather, I want to start a discussion on them, what you think of them, whether you hold them and possibly if you have any information that you are excited about and see growth.😊




$822.79 $31.67 +4.00%
1 Day
5 Days
1 Month
6 Months
1 Year
5 Years

I'm totally "pro..al". 🙈😡 I bought it at a low somewhere around $115 in the fall of 2022 and sold before Christmas when it hit $180. Well, and I haven't jumped in again ...😩🙈

For $NFLX+2.7%, the one when I started to get interested in the stock last summer, (I was only in cryptos until then), I couldn't miss its early 2022 drop from about $550 to about $160. I didn't jump in there at all, decided to go to $DIS+0.3%. (cheaper for me at the time and overall I like it better also due to its diversification, I still have it today, I'm happy). Anyway, since the crash, Netflix is up to $371 yesterday



$619.34 $16.42 +2.72%
1 Day
5 Days
1 Month
6 Months
1 Year
5 Years

What can I say, I've been in the market for about a year, I can see the progress on myself as well thanks to this group. These two titles, mostly $NVDA+4.0% then, make me sad and I'd like to beat myself up for selling, since I jumped into the stock last year during the crash and so individual pieces that had already made a nice profit for me got picked up even though I didn't necessarily need the money. Today, I know, beginner's mistake.😏😃

So I am interested in your opinion. Especially on this stock, even now that Nvidea is at its late 2021 highs would you overbought further and if maybe you have a similar story of your own and how you are resolving it, would you let it go or consider jumping in even on a significant upside?

I would like to buy $NVDA+4.0% at a lower price. I'm skipping $NFLX+2.7% as I like $DIS+0.3% better.

We have the same, also prefer $DIS+0.3% and the $NVDA+4.0% is now expensive

I agree, $NVDA+4.0% is expensive, however when it drops to a lower price I would be happy to buy.

I'll skip Netflix, it's out of my league. Anyway, I expect a strong correction on Nvidia. It's probably going to hurt a lot of people. Then I'd like to jump back in.

Yeah, having it that way now I would sell, it's at the highs, so I would expect a correction too, but not to surprise. :D :D

They are pretty expensive for me, NVIDIA is good in my opinion, but unnecessarily overhyped. Netflix has no future in my humble opinion.

Both stocks (especially $NVDA+4.0%) are really expensive on me right now. The growth in recent months has been spectacular. Great for anyone who has held the stock or traded call options.

Agreed, I find it expensive too, almost literally driven out just by the boom and not so much by the value. That's why even though I'm annoyed I didn't take advantage of it, I'm asking 😊

Anyone currently buying NVIDIA on the AI hype wave better get ready for the -65% washout that recently took place there;)

Yea well honestly they are considering it a lot now that it's hit an all time high. But when will the hype around AI end? ... what kind of flush are you talking about, any info? 😊

As @majky writes I have no idea what scenario today's shoppers are working with. If I take the consensus expected growth of about 20% there are FPE 50, PEG 8.6 and from my point of view Nvidia is very vulnerable as more and more companies can make the chip design to their needs. Their subscriptions are already interesting to manufacturers and they can drop them from the supply chain altogether;) I would compare the current manic state to when ETH mining peaked and GPUs were selling on the secondary market for multiples of the market price, which isn't realistically happening today, but it seems to me that they are expecting sales like AI should be in every toaster slowly;)

$NFLX+2.7% is a great stock, with harsh competition in that market. AI however will really boost these companies. It is still a buy for me.

I like $DIS+0.3%, but I think of it as a bigger and more comprehensive package because it's not just about streaming. Netflix is in a good position though, plus the collaboration with Microsoft is probably bearing fruit slowly. I like Nvidia, but I'd rather sell than buy at this point.

Exactly, that's why I also like $DIS+0.3% and that's when I chose it over $NFLX+2.7% Oh, you see the collaboration with $MSFTs+0.4%leaked, any info? 😊 Jj they are thinking of doing a short on Nvidia, as you say, not a bad company but the growth was really fast and I'd rather see some sobering up.

I would also mention yesterday's almost 15% move in $PLTR-0.6%:)

Yeah, yeah, see, I forgot that one. 🙈👍

Surely you can't beat yourself up about it, you sold it for a reason and you couldn't have known what was going to happen if it started to crash so you'll beat yourself up about not selling it... You'll never be happy.

That's right, you're right, even a small gain is better than a loss. 👍 Dikes

Exactly, every gain is worth it.

The growth is huge but I wouldn't go into them anymore, of course $NVDA+4.0% has potential in the direction of AI. They are the market leader in graphics cards. Unfortunately, $NFLX+2.7% has escaped me as well. I don't have either, $NVDA+4.0% seemed overpriced even at $100.

Wow, even for $100, you got a runway. And now it's almost 4 times that. Like, I guess the train has already left the tracks, but thanks to the AI, the options are now, well, just find something that's not expensive and you can shoot it. 🤔😃

Yeah, even at $100, I thought it was too much. So now I see it was a mistake 😅