So I felt like Warren Buffett for a while today. I drank a CocaCola and realized that it actually brings me several hundred dollars a year in dividends in addition to tasting pretty good. And that got me thinking - do you use the product of a company whose stock you own? And do you have a stock that you bought as a heartland because of the product? For me, it's like this with $AAPL+0.7%

Definitely $AAPL+0.7% $MSFT+0.2% then probably $INTC+0.3%.

Daddy 😁

How did you know? 😂 I've been studying for 2 years.

$MSFT+0.2% and $GOOGL+0.7%

And they're downright heartbreaking for you. Or is it that you "just use them"?

It's more like I use them

I don't want to be a hater here, but seeing how many $AAPL+0.7% fans/shareholders there are, I wonder, given the prices of their products, if those shares have made you any money since you left them in the store?;)

No way 😂

I mean, in my case.

Definitely also $AAPL+0.7%, sometimes $DIS-0.3% then Coinbase, (but I want to get rid of that one), then $GOOG+0.7%

Definitely $AAPL+0.7% like others here, you need to see and feel the product too when the opportunity is there :D same with $MSFT+0.2% for example.

For me, definitely $AAPL+0.7%, $MSFT+0.2%, $GOOGL+0.7%, $KO-1.1%, but there will be more.

We're in the same boat with $AAPL+0.7%. I don't drink Coke on a daily basis, but when I do, I'm aware of it, like with $MCD-0.9%.

For me, it's mostly Volkswagen. 👍

Hmmm... I'd like to buy shares in, say, Porsche... but I guess it wouldn't be valid then :D

If the stock does well, maybe it will. 😁

Well, Porsche only if it was $QS-0.8% inside. 🙂

Definitely Apple. Well, if I had the spare money for it, it would be Nio 😄

It is much better not to buy any products of the companies I co-own and then I will have more money to increase my share;)

Look, I'm an investor too, so I get it. On the other hand, a pocketful in the grave won't do us any good.)

This does not deny that people can be satisfied without a lot of branded products, moreover, when their "quality" is not superior to the competition. I see no reason to buy overpriced water with syrup or coffee in a cup kor when I know what margins they have on it;)