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3 AI stocks that could beat Google $GOOG+0.0% and Microsoft $MSFT+0.0% in the long run 👇

C3.ai $AI+0.0%: Increasingly popular among institutional investors, but we'll have to wait a few years for real gains.

Palantir $PLTR+0.0%: Palantir is gaining significant market share in the AI market and its revenues are growing solidly. Despite its "meme" reputation :-)

Nvidia $NVDA+0.0%: Artificial intelligence is bringing more and more wins to NVDA stock, which may push it to new highs.

What's your choice, prefer the classics or more alternatives and risk?

I hold $PLTR+0.0% and trust them for the long term, right now the stock is a bit overbought... $MSFT+0.0% looks to me like it will do quite well, I trust them in the AI sector as well, my only fear is that $GOOG+0.0% in particular has been missing the train lately, but maybe I'm wrong :)

I'm holding $PLTR+0.0% and $GOOGL+0.0%. Palantir a smaller position since I was buying quite a bit after the FOMO hype and falling for about $7. I hold Google not just for AI, I like their cash flow if only they could research some interesting companies for it and after rebalancing the portfolio I am at about 10% equity portion of the portfolio investment. $MSFT+0.0% and $NVDA+0.0% expensive for me and I don't buy fractional stocks at a broker on principle. If they were to carve out a nicely to a more interesting price for me or do a stock split of maybe 1ku2. It will dilute the number of shares, but not necessarily the shareholders (at least not right away)...

Unfortunately I missed$NVDA+0.0% and I regret it... so at least I'm sticking with $PLTR+0.0% and hoping it's a bet on the right horse :)

As we have seen this week, $NVDA is really on a roll. The question now is whether the market will hold up or eventually move back to $GOOG+0.0% or $MSFT+0.0%. Palantir has been doing pretty well the last few weeks too. They are still doing business in a slightly different sphere and have a huge chance to become a truly world class company.

Nvidia I think might have a chance to push even more long term, but the other 2 I wouldn't be so sure about. I'm still leaning towards the two giants mentioned above.

I don't have a fortune teller ball, but I don't think anyone is going to threaten Google and Microsoft. Of course the footprint with AI will be left by each of the aforementioned, but time and head start and funding play into the cards quite a bit here, Nvidia is catching on so much in those respects.

Kind of something in between, I like the classics but I still take the risk well considering my age. For me, $GOOG+0.0% and $MSFT+0.0% is definitely something I will hold onto for a long time and with Microsoft I believe that at least our age will still be a strong company here. I speculated with $AI+0.0% for a while and held it for less than a month, then sold at a profit. Well, maybe a mistake, holding on until now, I would have made a bigger profit. Same with $NVDA+0.0% unfortunately, I already took profits there after the January run up and unfortunately didn't jump in again. To those holding, great, and I think we'll see some correction in the future, but I wouldn't worry about the company not holding high in its sector. 😃 I probably didn't look at $PLTR+0.0% unfortunately due to its reputation, maybe a mistake. 🤔