There is a lot of talk about $TSLA-4.2% and buying their stock in the EV space. I'm quite a fan of $VWA.BR, it seems to me that they could be pretty good competition for $TSLA-4.2% and that could be reflected in future VW stock growth.

How do you see $VWA.BRvy?


Volkswagen AG

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I would add that they may gain a significant advantage if the collaboration with QS succeeds, but I doubt that it would primarily benefit VW. I think and hope that the effect will go to Porsche and when QS meets its obligations to VW there will be car companies that will make better use of the potential of the solid state. WV is an extremely bureaucratic and union bound company even by EU standards.

I'd say maybe the collaboration could succeed :)

Tesla is being addressed as it is controversial. For me they make plastic cars but they have by far the best software, gotta give them that. The Europeans on the other hand can make cars as it is and they have to deliver the programs. It will be a struggle and eventually everyone will be in the market anyway.

That's right. Anyway, not every mortal will be able to get a Tesla, but maybe when there is more competition Tesla will go down in price.

I watch but I considered Tesla to be a significant competitor when Diess was running it. He had to leave and VW wasted a few years before they figured out he was right about a lot of things. Now the question is whether it's too late their EVs are disappointing and they haven't even ramped up production properly. Good article on the subject

You're right, on the other hand, it seems to me that thanks to the capital they've freed up for innovation, they're going all out now, and maybe they'll catch up, or maybe not...

I'm definitely watching this company and it could be competition for Tesla. However, I've also been looking at NIO lately, which probably has more potential.

I don't know much about NIO, but from what little I've read about her, she's got a decent track record.

I agree, I don't know that much about this company either, but the potential is great.

They probably have a chance against Tesla (at least here in Europe) but it scares me how China stepped in it... those cars are nice, they look relatively high quality but the price is often significantly lower... and where European cars used to reign supreme (engines, etc.) there is no theme in these cars because it's not really played with anymore and most people don't care (unfortunately for me :) )

Can I have an example, please? Brand model :) i was looking at Volkswagen's Id.3. and it's not bad

Specifically, for example, against Nia's

Well, China is going to run everyone over 😅

This is of course possible. Do you have a particular brand in mind?

Nio, MG...