Have a nice Tuesday,

I see this week as more of an observation week. A lot of stocks of interest to me are more at their highs like $AAPL+0.5% (although it went down slightly after the conference). And the ones that went down a bit like $DIS-1.8% I overbought in May.

Are you going to overbought something, take profits, or are you having more of an observation week too?


Apple Inc.

$174.79 $0.86 +0.49%
Capital Structure
Market Cap
Enterpr. Val.

I have reinvested the last 2 months dividends into $BTI-0.6%, at those prices it's a nice piece for the portfolio.

Great :)

I'm also just watching and waiting for now. I did a small buy up at the end of April in REIT's like $O-0.9% and $WPC-2.0% Big tech I am holding, not selling but not buying now either, prices are high although for a few titles I believe they will go higher but I am cautious, probably not now but rates will still go higher in my opinion.

I also think rates will go up a bit more. I'd love to buy Big tech, but I'll wait :D at these prices it wouldn't make sense

So do I, I always want to have the most in big tech, but now the "train" has gone a bit, hopefully there will be a chance yet 😊

I am holding$AAPL+0.5% and don't want to buy more, but I would like to buy $DIS-1.8% stock this week.

Same thing, except we bought $DIS-1.8%

I got around to it yesterday, so I also made a purchase.

It doesn't look like anything close to my target price, so I'm just waiting and studying other companies. Alternatively, if Tesla grows some more, I'll pick.

It's the same for us, I'm working my way through the health sector, where I have a lot of knowledge gaps.

There are no plans in the long-term portfolio. I have 2 option positions open, one $SPY-0.2% and the other SPX. If a correction comes along and with it the opportunity to take profits off the table, I will take them. 👍

Cool thanks :)

Nothing too interesting this week, the scoreboard is pretty boring, the debt ceiling is solved, now what? Binance maybe, will there be drama?😀

I would say that Binance might even be a drama ;)

I'm waiting on the giants, but I definitely plan on buying in at the levels I've set :) Especially the ones I'd like to include in my portfolio already, but as I have a whatever-it-takes policy of not buying TOP. So I haven't bought many giants yet... :D For this Apple, it would be ideal if by the end of the year it would fall off a bit and next year they have already sold if I understand it VR ? There it could skyrocket then... :)

J8 I'm afraid Apple won't go down that much again this year and will rather go sideways, but we'll see :) but it's hard to say what will happen when they start selling the new stuff

I'm looking at the market right now and I'm thinking, there's nothing here for me. We're in a mega up trend. Admittedly below resistance, but even so, the mood right now is that I don't really want to get into a short and the call side is already very stretched. So at the moment I'm waiting and seeing how it all plays out.

I understand that :)

I'm now keeping a close eye on 3M and their perpetual lawsuits😄

True, that's what I'm watching right now. I'm curious about it :)