I don't own the stock, but I am at least keeping an eye on the share price and new infomration on this company.

That may be the sensible way to go with Palantir 😀👍

It finally took a bigger hit yesterday and I think it's going to ride the market back down...

I don't doubt it, it's a long run - but I'm glad something is being done about it and the market hasn't completely forgotten about it.

I'm still holding on, but I reckon it'll take a few more years... :)

I'm counting, too, but I'm glad to see it's back on the table.

Well, hopefully in a good way... :-D

Just keep inflating the bubble 😇

I don't hold and don't regret it 😄 Anyway I would sell now, the growth is a bit off.

You're doing good.

That would short $PLTR+0.6%? 100% per month is not a very healthy growth. 🤷‍♂️

That's about the only way. This bubble is about to burst and it's going to be a terrible blow

Like, what else is there to do with that, well... 🙈

Well I guess in the end I regret it because it will not just be hype but growing with holding on. Nice news and congrats to those who bought it down and believed. 😊 Do you think the price is high now or is there still room to buy? ...According to some analysts it is already above its value?

I wouldn't buy it now, I think it's overpriced. It would be worth waiting and buying as it goes down, I don't think this price should be stable in any way.

I'm getting plus 10 to 90% on all positions, I absolutely don't understand what's going on :D

Me neither, but I'm happy.