DocuSign $DOCU-1.6%

Hello investors, DocuSign reported results yesterday.

This company provides an electronic signing platform that allows users to sign documents online and electronically.

This service is used by financial institutions, hospitals, doctors, and even commercial companies.

This service obviously makes a lot of work easier for people and is used all over the world.

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Results :

Revenues : $661.39 million

Earnings per share : $0.72

I don't know if I would want to invest in this company, but it is an interesting company and definitely worth mentioning.

How do you feel about this company?

Alternatively, you can write if you have experience with their services.

Also, I don't know the company but I have experience using one just as a contract signer and signing was easy, simple.

I understand, I didn't know this company either, however, when I looked at what company results were coming up this week, I was surprised and took a closer look at this company.

Otherwise, my experience has also been positive.

And they look interesting, are you thinking of buying one?

Actually, I don't know them at all, so you could outline a bit if it's a growth or decline in sales and profits 😄

Yeah, I get it. I'm sorry I didn't mention it. Otherwise, from what I've seen, it's an increase compared to Q1 of last year, but not a big one and it's not really something to celebrate :)