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What do you think of Nio $NIO+2.3%'s quarterly results?

Chinese electric car maker Nio reported its Q1 2022 results on Friday. While the results fell short of analysts' expectations, they showed surprising discipline in operating costs, which is positive news for investors.



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Nia's revenue rose 24% year-over-year to $1.56 billion. However, the company's loss widened to $0.36 per share from $0.17 per share a year ago. Analysts had expected sales of $1.65 billion and a loss of $0.34 per share.

However, Nia's operating expenses rose only 8% to $1.72 billion, below analysts' expectations. The company also reaffirmed its full-year 2022 outlook, which calls for deliveries of between 23,000 and 25,000 vehicles. This suggests that supply chain issues and chip shortages will have a limited impact on Nio.

Investors positively received the report on operating cost discipline and Nio shares rose after the results were announced. The company is still generating losses, but investors believe in its long-term potential in the Chinese EV market. Cost control and confirmed guidance for 2022 are positive indicators that Nio can achieve profitability in the future.

I'm happy with the results and will be buying again :)

It would take profitability such as $PLTR+4.1% recently, the stock could use a lot of help.

I'll also add that they are making a profit, but still losing money too. I wish everyone would just let the stock get above $10 and then hold there. But what I'm just afraid of there is that the company may well rocket but don't let the government throw a pitchfork at it.

I'm not so worried about that at the moment either. I am more afraid of possible sanctions in the context of disputes with Taiwan.

They are just waiting until they are in the green numbers and then it will go by itself. And I wouldn't expect us to look under 10$ then, on the contrary, I would expect something like nVidia took off 😂

More or less this is a key stepping stone, I look forward to seeing it approached.

I have such mixed feelings about it. The stock, obviously. Some things were better, some things were worse (not by much) . The company still lost over 30%. The stock didn't know where it was going either, so it went up and then back down again. We'll have to wait a few years to see if anything happens here.

I agree, I feel the same way. I also have mixed feelings about it, as some things went well and some things went badly. I mean, I don't know how to feel about it and how to feel about it.

Interesting number from Nia. Sales are up, but the loss is deepening. It's time to kick-start profitability or investors will lose patience.

But the positive news for investors obviously didn't bring a positive response 😂😂

I don't really understand this reaction when NIO stock strengthened in the aftermarket, but ok 😀 It's good they are correcting costs, now just the profit part and maybe it will finally get out of that sub $10 range. I'm not investing in them, but I'm counting on the first earnings report to be a good boost.