S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,321.41 +0.25%
Tesla TSLA $186.60 +6.66%
Meta META $464.63 -0.90%
Microsoft MSFT $429.04 +0.87%
Apple AAPL $192.35 +0.69%
Nvidia NVDA $953.86 +0.64%
Alphabet GOOG $179.54 +0.61%
Amazon AMZN $183.15 -0.21%

Health insurer stock prices fell today after UnitedHealth($UNH+1.2%) said the number of surgeries for adults age 65 and older increased more than expected over the past two months.
Health insurers have benefited from delaying non-urgent surgeries due to the COVID-19 pandemic and staffing shortages at hospitals.

For example, the popular $CVS-0.1% here fell less than 6%. An opportunity to buy? 😊

Nice, I'll probably jump into $CVS-0.1%:)

I think I'll take a little something too😅

How much is "a little something" ?:)

I'm looking at this, I completely missed it. Thanks for the info. I'll look into it.

I also read this a while ago and it also made my portfolio red, but as Marek said, the drop was the smallest for them as this accounts for about 30% of their sales. They have a strong segment in pharmacies. I believe this is temporary and this is just a buying area which I also want to do today before the market closes, I am still waiting to see what the reaction of the market will be after the conference. I'm afraid it might not be a growth one like most are expecting.

Hmmm, now what? Is this a short term "trend" in your opinion or a real long term problem that will limit them from growing?

Revenues from the insurance segment account for less than 30% of total revenues. The fundamentals remain the same. FCF yield great. I would say the reaction is overdone and nothing changes in the longer term. Just a minor blip.

$CVS-0.1% is one of my biggest positions and I'm going to overbought for sure 👍 both from a TA perspective and from a future development perspective

I'll have to see how serious it is in the future, but I'll probably buy in today.

Then you can let me know. I've already bought some of it, and I'll probably buy some of it later. 😉

I think I'll wait.

As of ath of Feb 2022 we are -40% total wonder what you want to wait for ? I personally don't think it will go much further than maybe 60...