S&P 500 ^GSPC
Nvidia NVDA
Alphabet GOOG
Amazon AMZN
Apple AAPL
Microsoft MSFT
Tesla TSLA

So I'm scrolling through the screener and I'm thinking looking at the yield, I'm wondering what's the highest dividend you have at the company?
For me, it would definitely be $PBR+0.9%... if they cut, it would be $NLY+1.1%... what about you?

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I only get one divi and that's from $AAPL-0.6%:)

Nothing wrong with that😊It's a super stock.

Yeah, it was meant as a bit of a "joke" about the fact that divi stocks are not represented in my portfolio... :)

That's very unconventional 😂

Yeah, but I guess everybody's got one.

I'm not really into diva titles at all... I'm a grower :)

$FLNG+0.7% 13,14% (in about 18 months 1/5 of the purchase price has already been paid to divi)

That's nice! My PBR is coming back any minute now... I'm happy 😁

I'll probably be very low in the rankings here 😂 PM and MMM are my strongest dividend weapons at the moment.

Then we're in the same boat😅

$BTI-0.4%, which is approaching 9%. If the share price stagnates, it doesn't really matter in that case.