S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,303.27 +0.12%
Nvidia NVDA $924.79 -1.99%
Tesla TSLA $177.58 +1.57%
Alphabet GOOG $177.29 +1.06%
Amazon AMZN $184.70 +0.58%
Meta META $471.91 -0.28%
Microsoft MSFT $420.21 -0.19%
Apple AAPL $189.87 +0.02%

Hey investors, $KR-0.4% reported results yesterday.

Kroger is an American retail food company.

Results :

Sales : $45.17 billion and expected $45.61 billion.

EPS : $1.51 and $1.41 was expected.

$54.20 -$0.24 -0.44%

For this year, KR stock is up only about 3%. However, in the long run the stock is growing nicely and I take the dividend as such a bonus.

The company strikes me as a nice one, but I like $WMT+1.0% better in this sector, for example, which I see more potential.

How do you feel about this company???

Alternatively, you can write whether you invest in this sector or not.

She's holding up nicely, but if she falls, it'll be quick

I don't know much of the share price history of this company, so I don't know much about the share price behavior here.

I don't know the company but the chart looks nice :)

Definitely, the share price development is really nice.

I've only shopped a company with a similar "by the chart" chart once before and it didn't turn out well :)

Even in this volatile market quite stable. Nice stock.

I agree, however as I write I probably like Walmart better.

The company is holding up nicely no doubt about it. I traded a break to a new high last year and haven't looked at this stock since...

Good company, it's just that YTD the price hasn't moved virtually, it's mostly due to inefficiencies. Compared to Walmart and others, they have failed to deal with pricing pressures at all and have done a poor job of passing that on to customers.

Thanks for the info, I knew them but didn't research them. I like the biggest companies in that sector here, and that's because of the stability and predictability. Walmart goes through every period like nothing, Target is interesting too and it is down 11% YTD, if anyone was looking for an interesting company, that one looks pretty good right now.

Great, thanks for the tip. I like Walmart too, but I'd love to check out that Target.

Thanks for the info.

I don't care much for this company because I feel like they are too small compared to say Walmart or Costco. Then again, on the other hand, there's probably more room for growth if they're thinking about further expansion and growing their business.

I fully agree as I write, I also like Walmart better, however I think this company is worth mentioning.