S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,235.48 -0.60%
Nvidia NVDA $1,105.58 -3.72%
Microsoft MSFT $414.67 -3.38%
Alphabet GOOG $173.56 -2.16%
Meta META $467.05 -1.54%
Amazon AMZN $179.32 -1.48%
Tesla TSLA $178.79 +1.48%
Apple AAPL $191.29 +0.53%

It often writes about dividend stocks.

I would like to know what dividend stocks you have in your portfolio and if you would like to add any dividend stocks to your portfolio.

I have $CVS+4.4%, $MMM+0.7% and quite a few $MO+0.6% stocks in my portfolio. For now, I plan to continue to add to these stocks. However, I would like to include a few more dividend stocks like $PEP-0.4%, $PG+0.6%, or maybe $T+2.9% in my portfolio, but they would have to come in at lower prices.

$BTI+2.3% $CVS+4.4% $MMM+0.7% $TSN-0.5% $VOW3 $VZ+3.1%... These are probably the most important ones. 👍

Thanks, that $TSN-0.5% looks pretty interesting.

Thanks for the tip.

Yeah, TSN looks pretty good to me valuation-wise. It's been at this level for a while now and no one seems to notice.

I also have$CVS+4.4% and believe in its growth despite its current price. Then I have $PG+0.6% there I am also happy and would also like to add more piece still, but would like the price lower. Then I have $O+1.1% and $WPC+0.9% and I trust this sector there too, although I have started to watch out for reits in the office space.

Great, thanks. I've also been looking at the reits and I have to admit that I'm quite unsure about this sector.

I have a private question... how much is "quite a lot" of $MO+0.6% stock to you ? I'm just curious as to who's benchmarks :)

I understand :D I probably expressed that wrong, but everyone has a different scale. And at my age, a lot of $MO+0.6% stocks are just under 10 apiece.

Thank you :) Yes, of course everyone has it differently... but I appreciate the openness :)

For me, the tobacco companies, miners/shippers and REITs are generally the best for dividends. So here are the obvious $PM-0.2%, $RIO+0.3%, $VALE-0.2% and $O+1.1%.

Great, thanks. I've been looking at $O+1.1% too and I'm so unsure about it.

There are plenty of dividend plans and everyone will surely find one to their liking. Here we agree on something too.

I agree, as you write, something different suits everyone.