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"There's no interest in those electric cars, rebates won't help them, it's a dying company."

My base case scenario for the rest of the year and $NIO+0.0%: Rebates will help boost supply again, which will start to positively impact the company's profits (I'm not counting on profitability yet this year). The target price, in a positive scenario, could be $15 per share by year-end in my opinion, with more experienced investors even mentioning $20, but I'll be a little more down to earth.

Of course this is not an investment recommendation, it is just my own opinion which may not come true.

20$ would be really nice... then next year could be quite interesting :)

If it hits 20, you guys are pretty much masters

If it gets there, I'll really tip my hat, but I'm not investing here😊

The Nio looks good and since China can copy manufacturing processes perfectly, production will be fast thanks to the Gigapresses (like Tesla).

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndgf98G1jMY

Look, I'm not against it at all. Why not follow in the footsteps of an experienced manufacturer as a newbie? Hopefully it'll work out.

It should, I'm thinking of selling part of Tesla and buying NIO I assume just copying Tesla's practices and the nationalism of Chinese investors in the growing Chinese market which should spill over to the US stock market. By the way, the renewed interest of Asian investors is perhaps the reason for the continued rise of the S&P500

If their sales really improve with this move and the economy favors them, then why not. $15 is not a stretch.

The economy will also be an important factor. China is bombing the place with money right now, so hopefully they can recover.