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This is a terribly problematic issue. In the US, it is insanely expensive to study and without loans a large number of people would never be able to afford it - which is a negative for the state because it has less chance of finding really capable people with great potential. But on the other hand, every other nobody goes to university nowadays, often without any goal of what they want to be, just because of the degree, Then there is a glut, and the person with the degree has such poor prospects of getting a good job, and not much debt to boot - and such a person is not ideal for the state either. Debt forgiveness is not the solution, the solution would be to severely restrict according to ability so that every other monkey who is the least bit smart doesn't study.

I totally agree

Nicely written and I agree too. It's not about the money here, everything costs nothing apart from the cost of living, but even here I dare say that everyone who gets through high school goes to everything. I don't mean to diminish the quality of the people from the university, don't let it affect anyone.

It's even worse here - on the contrary, it has slowly reached the stage that outside of very specific fields and study programs, people often have a better quality of life if they go to work right after graduation. Or foreigners study here for free.

I don't really get it, it's like they don't know they have a huge debt and they have to do something about it. I don't know what their plan is. Except maybe raising the debt ceiling from infinity :D

I hope they won't, but they should figure it out.

Should is an understatement, they have to sort it out😅

I don't get it either, they're like children in the sand

That's a nice simile :D

That's gonna go to hell. I hope they have some sense left

Maybe... but I'm not gonna give it away.

Me neither...

I hope they don't pass any concessions. It's a pretty bad idea. I wish they'd start paying up. $SOFI+2.2% 😁🚀

Exactly, but even so I prefer to sell off something now, I held and had a 50% profit, but it looks to me like it's going into some sort of correction now, the last 2 days of trading it's been going down. Anyway, watching it and hopefully it will go up more then, I want to jump in again as and when it does and according to the news

I also had a $10 piece to sell off. And from $7 on, I'll probably buy it back. It's a long way to go.

A good step for the students for sure, but where will the money come from again? The debt needs to be expanded probably 😀 😀

Populism 100. It's just like here.

Politically brilliant. Realistic? Destructive. This is starting to smell like Czech politics, we'll give it to you, it'll be free, we'll make it cheaper.... And where are we gonna get the money for it? Don't worry about it 😎

That's right.