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I recently saw a thread here on investing and India.

Shares of Indian conglomerate Adani Group plummeted on Friday as the company faces regulatory scrutiny in the US over the Hindenburg report.

As a result, Adani Group fell again by almost 9%. I don't know about you, but investing in this environment? Uncertainty, illegality, fraud, politicians throwing business to the rich as they please. Probably not for me.

The environment is alien to us, which is probably why we are so afraid of it. Understanding such an environment will not be easy, it is a lot of work, but it could bear fruit adequate to the effort.

This is happening everywhere. Recently, for example, Icahn, or whatever the old man's name is, who was accused by Hindenburg of paying dividends through a ponzi scheme. You can't buy individual titles anyway and there's not much to deal with in ETFs.

I follow India and I like the future there. A developing country with a large workforce. Yes, regulation and other problems are everywhere. Plus, it's hard to invest in specific stocks there anyway, if it's even possible, as I think someone posted on this topic that it's probably not even possible to get on their stock exchange. That's why the ETF form of overall seems like a cool thing to me. And of course with caution. 😊

Investing in an emerging market is interesting, but you need to know the environment as well as possible. I prefer to keep an eye on it from afar and if I do make a move it will probably be in the form of a small speculation in a regional ETF.

That's right, you don't know, you don't know, stay away. ETFs will probably be the best way for many to be invested in India.

Let's just pretend that things like this don't happen elsewhere in the world, okay? 😀 You only look at the bad, but if you focus on the market and the economy as a whole, it will make sense one day.

Agreed, and in the form of an ETF, I find it absolutely ideal