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Alphabet GOOG $179.12 +0.37%

As of June 26, Nio $NIO+1.3% has 1,501 battery exchange stations in China. I note that at the beginning of June it was 1,448, so it is expanding nicely infra in China as can be seen in the image below.

But why I'm writing about Nio in the first place is that customers can look forward to sales of the new model tomorrow. This will be the Nio ES8, so perhaps we will gradually see better numbers again in terms of shipments. Personally, I'm quite curious to see how much interest there will be in this model.

I was just shopping again today and averaging my price... I believe the green is near! :-D
More good news like this.

Great news, I'm starting to trust Nio.

It's growing nicely, unfortunately it's in China for now. Once they go to the US I think they will go to Tesla standard like the others.

Well I don't know about this model, but as the rebates and discounts on the cars start to kick in, it could push the manufacturer over the edge. But that's not just true for the Nio.