S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,304.72 +0.70%
Tesla TSLA $179.24 +3.17%
Meta META $478.22 +2.67%
Nvidia NVDA $1,064.69 +2.57%
Apple AAPL $189.98 +1.66%
Microsoft MSFT $430.16 +0.74%
Alphabet GOOG $176.33 +0.73%
Amazon AMZN $180.75 -0.17%

Tobacco industry and healthcare.

Tobacco is great but I don't really understand health care - I only have $JNJ-1.8% and $MRK-1.2%

I'm not that good at those. The JNJ one might be worth it, but I should keep some reasonable diversification across sectors as well.

At the moment, apart from technology, the one I have most definitely is CVS JNJ healthcare... I don't have much oil to be honest.

I see, and why health care?

Well healthcare is a pretty good port of call for me of course nothing is a sure thing but healthcare is one of the biggest ones for me in investing. Whether we want it or not, there will always be some people who are sick who need medicine or hospitals that need machines, that's just a fact that nobody can deny. In addition, for example, CVS is at a 40% discount from 2022 for me for the future a good stock that if it weren't for people here I probably would have stumbled upon when it was too late. :)

After REIT technology, that transitions into healthcare, where, for example, $MPW is such a combination. So then I believe pharmacy $CVS-0.2%, and then also some oil, or oil and gas distribution.

REITs are great

They are, and most importantly I believe we will be celebrating those who buy now when interest rates start to fall. 😊


Good choice