Purchased. I usually buy under 60 and sell over 70. 😂

Wow, I'm a keeper:)

I like$O-1.6% a lot and plan to buy this stock soon.

Maybe it'll drop even lower

That would be great and I would definitely buy.

I was buying at $58 and I don't want to buy higher, but I think there will be some more drop probably due to the interest rate increase.

Let's see, it would be nice if after the interest rate hike there would be some discounts on stocks😁.

Jj I'm waiting for it too, cash is still, respectively I manage to keep something every month now and would love to shop😁

Nice price too :)

I only bought CSPX this week.


I wouldn't pay more than $55 for it.

I understand. If it goes under, I'll still buy