On Tuesday, eyes on $MMM+3.6% and $VZ-1.4%, and of course Google. Then looking forward to Thursday's $BTI-0.3%. I'll end Friday with $WPC+2.3%, where maybe some discount could come in.

Great, I'll take a look at the $BTI-0.3% results.

I hope that Google will respond for 100-110$ 😂 I know the chance is very small but I can hope... For 3M the question is what even good results will do those disputes have been dragging on for a long time but it looks like it doesn't want to let go of that +-100$ limit and for a lot of people that's the limit where they either want to buy or don't want to sell too much.. others interest me too of course but I don't expect such miracles there Microsoft I don't think will do any miracle in price and McDonald's I don't expect anything special either, but maybe I'm wrong. 🤷‍♂️ It's going to be an interesting week. 👍

Cool, I wish Google would get to $100😂. It's definitely going to be an interesting week.

I'm curious to see what Microsoft comes up with.

I am also interested in the $MSFT-1.4% results.

When exactly do they report?

I also have the classic $GOOG-2.0% $MSFT-1.4% and $PG-0.4%. I also don't have $MMM+3.6% but I'm definitely interested in how the lawsuits will affect them. I'm also interested in $WM+0.4% or the much represented $ENPH+2.2%. Well it's going to be a ride and I'm having a long week right now, yeah 5x 12h shit, hopefully I'm keeping track of it all. 😂🤦‍♂️

I have it the other way around, but now I'm long finished 😂 so there will be time to watch.👍

Well, I envy you in a good way. Well, go ahead and give me some news. 👍

$WM+0.4% interests me too. I'm not busy and probably can't do it, but 5x12h is probably quite demanding, so good luck and let it go by quickly😁.

It's okay that you're not employed, I'm just amused that it's not even possible, why can't you be employed? 😂 Well, sometimes it does, depending on what day it is, I work at the power station as an electrician, so when it sucks, it's no fun in VN. 🤦‍♂️