I have a feeling that somehow the bag of investors in $STLA+0.4% has been ripped open (probably due to very satisfactory results). Beware, it's not Tesla, but Stellantis - the world's fourth largest automaker in 2022.
And if you haven't heard of this holding company, here are some brands you'll be familiar with.

Valuation-wise, unlike, say, the aforementioned Tesla, this looks absolutely great.
They also have a huge amount of cashe. Almost equal market capitalization. I'm not entirely a fan of their brand portfolio, but it looks enticing.

$20.51 $0.09 +0.44%
Capital Structure
Market Cap
Enterpr. Val.

What do you think?

So I looked at the stock in more detail and I quite like it, I'm putting it on my radar and I'll consider buying it when there's a discount :3

Well, hopefully he'll come back. 🤞 I'd welcome it too.

That makes two of us 😁

It looks really interesting. I'm not familiar with this company, but the large amount of cash and high dividend is tempting😁.
I will definitely look into this company.

I'm still deciding, too. Sitting on more cash, I'll take it now. This way, I wonder if I should wait for a slightly better opportunity.

I'm also asking myself the same thing, but for now I'm waiting and hoarding cash.

That's news to me, but the dividend looks very tempting, I'll check them out.

You can let me know if you remember me. I'd love to hear your opinion. 👍

Yeah, I saved your post.

TemptingIt looks tempting at first glance :)

And the other one? 😁

I don't have the other one yet:D

Dividend 8.5 ? Add to that... Well, I guess I'll put it in TW and check it out... the car stock I don't have much in the way of cars, more like a token amount in Tesla 😁

Car companies aren't bad when it comes to dividends. You can buy ADRs, so classic 15% tax on dividends.

And the tax applies even if you hold the shares for more than 3 years ? I mean for dividends I know that there shouldn't be tax on the sale of a share 🤔

I don't know them very well, but I know they side with critics of Tesla's price cuts, as they say it has serious implications for all competitors.

Surprisingly they are doing very well with margins compared to Tesla, and other car companies.