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Advanced Micro Devices $AMD-4.2% announces results today after the markets close, let's hear the views. 😊

I'm pretty unsure here what to expect. The news of the last few days the company has unveiled some nice ones, like the future plan to invest $400 million in India in the next few years.

This investment will cover the creation of AMD's new campus in Bangalore, Karnataka, which will serve as the company's largest design center. In addition, AMD will hire approximately 3,000 new engineers by the end of 2028.

This investment will cover the creation of AMD's new campus in Bangalore, Karnataka, which will serve as the company's largest design center. In addition, AMD will hire approximately 3,000 new engineers by the end of 2028.

"From a handful of employees in 2001 to more than 6,500 today, AMD has grown its footprint based on a strong foundation established by our local leadership and highly skilled talent," said Mark Papermaster, executive vice president and chief technology officer. "AMD has one of the broadest product portfolios in the industry, driven by the growth of AI, networking and 6G communications, and our Indian teams will continue to play a key role in delivering high-performance, adaptive solutions that support AMD customers around the world. "By further investing and expanding our presence in Bangalore, we are committed to driving innovation in India to support India's semiconductor mission."



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This is of course great news and one would expect that after the results today that this could only grow and so this price might not be bad yet, however, what I wouldn't forget is that their sales are still not ideal. After the Q1 2023 results, their revenues are down 9.1% year-over-year Capital expenditures have increased from $71 billion to $158 billion. Shares of the then $AMD-4.2% were down 6.02% in the pre-storm phase.

The company expects growth in its data center and client divisions in the second quarter. Conversely, it expects declines in its gaming and embedded divisions. AMD continues to expect growth in the second half of the year.

Would you include this company in your portfolio?😊

I've been thinking for a long time that it's time to check out the companies that are going into production here in India, so I might as well start resersi here :)

Yep, it has a terrible P/E and today was a drop which finally when I managed to track before the close, despite the enthusiasm of people in this stock was a bit expected, those results will improve but still a year back they are worse but there is just a but which I like and I bought today before the close after the drop, just for less for now but because I like that future in India too. 😊

Then I'll have to take a closer look:)

She seems a little over the top right now... but it's a solid company :) So I'd buy some dip

Agreed! I also like her but I just find her too much for her, plus now after the results. Like I wish for them, I understand the hype around AI and yes they have a big opportunity in India now but the show those numbers don't look that good to me, dip I would buy too. 😊

How much of a % drop do you take as a "dip" ? :) I guess it's different for everyone...

Investing in India is good as long as they have the government there on their side. Otherwise, they wouldn't have gone in... I got a bit of a ride on AMD, but I'm not following it at all for now, it's unacceptable to me at this price.
Very thin margins, low ROIC, EV/EBITDA of 37. Those numbers are alarming to me, future growth is very much priced in, not to mention AI.

Agreed, I'm not investing yet either, I'd rather expect a drop after the results today, but so far I'm reading that they're supposed to beat earnings estimates, so I don't know ...

I don't have shares of this company in my portfolio and I'm only following the company from afar, but I like the India information.

Me too but I still don't think the results will be too surprising anyway, there was a decline after Q1 2023. We'll see. 😊 If there is a decline though, I would buy then.

Great, in the end the stock is down about 4%. You were buying, weren't you?

I'd be happy to have them in my portfolio at a reasonable price. I've been looking at the estimates for the results and the analysts don't see it too rosy. So maybe we'll buy.

I guess so well, like I like the India report, that's definitely great for the future but otherwise the numbers still and the analyst estimate is not great so I'm more likely to go with a drop after today too.