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Lately, I've been running into companies I didn't even know had publicly traded stocks like $WISH-2.0%, $GPRO-0.6% or $DUOL-1.8%. $WISH-2.0% and $GPRO-0.6% have a very similar chart, the stock shot up in the beginning, but then quickly fell again and hasn't risen since. But I quite like $DUOL-1.8% as I see potential here and I think people will use this app even more and so their stock could go up. I recommend you check out @lukasandel who wrote an interesting status/article on Duolingo about a month or so ago.

How do you view these stocks and have any companies surprised you by having publicly traded stocks?

Duolingo's numbers don't look good. I avoid it, although I like the app.

Yeah, I get it. I also use some products or services of a company, but I wouldn't buy stock in that company.

Thank you for the mention and otherwise I was also surprised, so it is also due to the fact that after all, probably everyone knows what is more and more in the market so broaden horizons and also here thanks to our group. I still hold $DUOL-1.8%, unfortunately after today it went red, otherwise I had it green as its icon is nice 😁 Today it lost quite a bit, but what not today too, basically the whole market. I personally think it's the downgrade on the US. So after all as slow as expected, the second half of the year probably won't be as up because of this, but I still believe that this downgrade won't affect all stocks and it's $DUOL-1.8% that might resist, admittedly. in the U.S. but also worldwide. I know from using it myself that you can really find people from all over the world using this app extensively. Yes, the P/E is still negative,but if they do well to implement the AI they are trying to do, I believe in their growth and that's why I will hold on further and if they go even more now to consolidate, I will buy in. 😊

You're welcome. Super thanks for the summary and opinion. More and more I'm starting to think I'd buy their stock when it drops a bit.

Yeah try to wait, of course it's up to you and this is not an investment recommendation, but a lot of the hype was made by AI, I bought but only one share, but now I'm waiting if they go down and then I'll buy, I like the company and if they don't screw up, I believe more and more people will use this app in the future.

Of the above, I was only interested in Duolingo shares :) so I've had them in my sights for a while now and I'm waiting to see how the AI development will move now

Oh, and they also support them by giving me 5 minutes of foreign language every day:)

That's great. It's an investment in yourself and that's the best part :D

Cool, if they'd somehow get AI involved, that would definitely be cool.

The last I read, you guys had

I was speculative about Wish, I'm still toying with the idea of someone taking it over there, which could shoot the share price up.

Sure, it would probably be best if someone bought them and maybe the share price would move somehow.

$GPRO-0.6% may be an interesting business, but Wish is way down. From $1000 a share to $7? That's too much

I was also surprised at how much Wish stock fell.

I just looked at it now and I was quite impressed. You don't see a crash like that.