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Folks, are you investing in the SNP, or is it better for you to invest in $BRK-A-1.4%? I was looking to diversify my ETF portfolio by investing in Berkshire of all places, but I already find the company's stock quite expensive, but here it's just the quality I wouldn't mind paying a higher price for. How do you see it, are you investing or is it worth buying Berkshire stock in the current situation?

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I had already thought about this but ended up sticking with the SP500, but this got me thinking again about whether to invest in the SP500 or replace it with $BRK-A-1.4%. You can't go wrong with either, but the $BRK-A-1.4% one is more appealing to me.

I'm tempted to put something in there too, but not to replace the SNP position completely

I see it exactly the same way 😁

Berkshire doesn't look expensive to me at the moment.