S&P 500 ^GSPC
Nvidia NVDA
Amazon AMZN
Tesla TSLA
Microsoft MSFT
Apple AAPL
Alphabet GOOG

Great, I would like to include $JNJ+1.5% stock in my portfolio, however the stock is currently high.

It's hard to say five, I'm probably more likely to say it by sector, but I can't decide on just one. 😂 For me, big tech, like Apple, MSFT, Google. Next, healthcare, there e.g. JNJ, or CVS. Next, reit, there clearly O, but there would be others. I also like consumer, I mean e.g. PG,TGT,COST. Well, I only have five sectors, but I would also say that it's great to have something from mining, then lately I'm looking at agriculture, and as mentioned here WM,AWK are also interesting. So in summary, I wouldn't be able to have just 5 stocks. 😂🤦‍♂️

Great, I couldn't have just 5 stocks either, but I was wondering what stocks investors prefer the most. But other than that, my picks are a lot like yours.

Actually a good choice you give :) I'd probably also go primarily for tech companies...

Actually a good choice you give :) I'd probably also go primarily for tech companies...

Great, I'm a bit more conservative so I diversify more and pick stocks from different sectors.

I'm hungry and would go for the biggest growth... and I think that would be in technology.) But I get what you're saying.

JPM, Google, Waste Management, Tobacco must not be missing, so PM and last probably some pharmaceutical company (JNJ/PFE).

Cool, reading the comments, I guess 5 stocks was a big limitation :) since I picked and wrote 5 stocks, but some tobacco company like $MO+1.9%, $BTI+0.8% or $PM+2.8% I would definitely pick too if I could pick more.

I probably couldn't pick just 5 stocks, it would be a bit of a risk for me. And I'm not that big on diversification 😀 I might prefer to go into a SaP or All world ETF.

I understand that and it would also be a risk for me, but this was more of a game, as I was interested in what stocks investors prefer the most. Of course, I might trade a stock for the ETF.

Google, Microsoft, Realty Income, Walmart, and probably some bank or insurance company, so maybe JPM.

Great, I kind of limited myself with those five stocks 😅 I would definitely pick a bank too, so maybe $BAC+3.4% or that $JPM+2.5%.

So this is the one I like best of the answers. Nicely divided by sector and it doesn't even matter that there is no big tech.

I agree, it's true that there's something from every sector except big tech, which surprises me, and it's nice to see that not everyone is focused on tech stocks.

Great pick, I would love to include $WM+1.0% stock in my portfolio, but the price is high. I'm not familiar with $AWK+1.0%, but I'm blinking at it.
Thanks for the tip.