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So it looks like Palantir $PLTR+0.1% is out of the woods. Congrats to everyone who held on and didn't sell, as YTD has already made over 180% there. I probably don't need to go into the quarterly results too much, we have that here at Bulios Flas News. But what has pleasantly surprised me are the share buybacks and the idea of inclusion in the index. What do you think? Do you think Palantir will be part of the index in the future?



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I don't own shares of $PLTR+0.1%, but the buybacks are great and if this stock made it into the index, that would be great.

If it gets into the S&P500, it would be a blast... anyway, I'm still almost 4$ away from breakeven :-D

Now he's got quite a racket well, the market is red so PLTR is taking it even harder.

But I still take it that it's "the market" and not directly Palantir... so from long term still good :-D

The only thing I don't really understand about the results is the buyback, plus at current prices, what Carp is doing with it in the current situation doesn't make much sense to me. Otherwise, satisfaction.

Plus, there was no mention of when the buyback will take place, a year from now? Tomorrow? No word, so I'm taking the buyback lightly for now.

And I'll add one more time :D If this is the intention to show institutional investors that management thinks the stock is cheap then fine and good move, but it's still such a rather marketing ploy, although I like $PLTR+0.1% a lot, it needs to be looked at realistically. :)

I see it mainly as a marketing ploy...

Wow so I wouldn't have expected that and I was wrong not to trust them and they could be bought for half of the current value. The buybacks are great news. 👍 Oh yeah, that really pisses me off that I didn't go for them when they were "a buck". Now that price, I don't know if it's still a good price to enter? 🤔

If you have a long term horizon on this stock then the price is still fine for me :)

Yeah now I probably should because the growth she did the last few months probably won't be there anymore, but still, if in the long run she does well then the price could still be good, I need to look more into it, I just hear a lot about her but I don't even know properly what her know-how is.